Dutch organization caught on false investigations of war crimes in Syria

The Dutch NGO “Commission on International Justice and Responsibility” has fallen for data falsification for financial gain.

Dutch organization caught on false investigations of war crimes in Syria

This information was found out by the European Anti-Fraud Office.

For example, the organization, which is based in The Hague, was created on the initiative of lawyers specializing in international criminal law and with experience in international tribunals to collect evidence of war crimes against humanity and human rights violations in Syria (of course, from the official Damascus), and then facilitating the administration of justice in the competent courts. It is funded by NGOs at the expense of a group of states that call themselves “friends of Syria.” 

The materials allegedly collected on the territory of Syria were used for the criminal process launched in April 2020 in Germany over two ex-employees of the Syrian secret services.

Immediately, the organization became interested in the European Anti-Fraud Office. It found out that NPOs had facts of “falsification of documents, issuing incorrect invoices and making profit”, which completely casts doubt on the materials prepared by this organization.

On the trail of fraudsters of investigators brought the facts of fraud companies associated with this commission, registered in the UAE and the UK. In particular, TSAMOTA (TSAMOTA), through which part of the funds go to NPOs, in 2015 assisted Iraq in improving the legal education program. This activity was sponsored by the European Commission. In the end, it all ended in a trial: the court concluded that financial actions, including billing the organization with the European Union, were unlawful.

After that, the Bureau drew attention to the “Syrian dossier”. Based on the results of the work, this structure appealed to the prosecutor’s offices of the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom with an appeal to start an investigation and prosecution for fraud and forgery of documents by NGOs. The European Commission, however, was requested to reclaim almost 2 million euros invested in the activities of the commission! The corresponding press release is published on the official website of this body.

They immediately tried to shut up the story. For European media, the topic has already become taboo. In addition, she questions the Bellingcat organization, which occupies the crash of flight MH17 over the Donbass in 2014.


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