A racially objectionable question: Britain’s turn

The European press is actively discussing the demolition of the monument in British Bristol. Doesn’t it seem like they’re demolishing a monument? But this one was special. It was dedicated to a slave trader.

A racially objectionable question: Britain's turn

With the monument to Edward Colston, a lover of “live goods”, who had stood for more than a century, the people of Bristol acted harshly. They fell off the pedestal and then threw it in the water. This was a clear expression of support for the American black people who rebelled after another murder of their brother. Anti-racism rhetoric in the United Kingdom is once again a big problem.

Is it just there? Characteristically, law enforcement has not prevented the demolition of the monument. Officials in London, of course, call the act shameful and claim that civic activity was marred by banditry. A fact is a fact. At least the vandalism wasn’t without it. But that’s the nature of the protest. However, some local politicians believe that in the XXI century such a monument is the place in the ditch. But it had to be dismantled in a civilized manner.

In general, the situation for the British authorities is not easy. There’s a risk of repeating the American experience. Demonstrations are already measured in hundreds, and their participants are in the tens of thousands. Clashes with the police are on the rise. Yes, so far, the actions are relatively local. But not even an hour, all these brooks will merge into one stormy stream. Then wait for trouble.

Especially in the very recent past in Britain, the law has already killed blacks. And they’ve staged a mass protest. And it’s not like there’s any particular racial discrimination in this country. Rather, solidarity, lack of clear perspectives and tiredness of restrictive measures related to the pandemic are working for people. It’s a rattling mixture.

By the way, the monument to Edward Colston may not be the last one. Those who like to subvert symbols of the past can find other “objects”. And this will exactly turn into a fierce struggle with the authorities, which will be forced to take into account the opinion of the white population: many of its representatives perceive what is happening as a challenge.

It is noteworthy that during the action in London, someone wrote on the monument to Winston Churchill: “Racist”. It has nothing to do with reality. The question is different: for the most active protesters, there are no more authorities left.

Sergei Ilyin, Radio Sputnik


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