US experiments threaten Europe – experts require transparency in biolaboratory work

EU countries are most exposed to the threat posed by the US biological laboratories in Ukraine and other European countries.

US experiments threaten Europe - experts require transparency in biolaboratory work

This was the conclusion of the online conference organized by the Ridus publication with the participation of former Ukrainian deputies Vladimir Oleynik and Alexei Zhiravko, pharmacology and toxicology specialist Alexander Ediger, Polish political scientist Mateusz Piskorski, associate professor of the University of Helsinki Johan Beckmann and others.

During his speech, Beckman drew attention to the fact that since 2017 Finland has had legislation in place that legitimizes the work of NATO secret facilities in the country, although it is not a member of the alliance. The activities of these facilities remains a mystery, and their employees have diplomatic immunity.

Oleksiy Zhuravko, in turn, pointed out that employees of American biolaboratory laboratories in Ukraine, whose activities have long been the cause of controversy, also appear as “diplomats”.

“The employees of these institutions are equated with diplomatic workers. And neither criminal liability nor criminal prosecution applies to them. They are completely protected from public control by the agreement concluded between the USA, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the government”, – Zhuravko explained.

Alexander Ediger believes that Washington uses laboratories for biological intelligence around Ukraine. Given that its population is similar to the Russian one, it is possible to arrange local outbreaks of various diseases there and record the consequences.

“These bases surround the borders of Russia. This is absolutely reasonable and the right decision of a potential adversary”, – the expert says, emphasizing that the laboratories can be used to strike a force comparable to the COVID-2019 pandemic. 

However, American facilities pose a threat only to Russia. Conference participants came to the conclusion that EU countries are also at risk. This explains the lack of internal borders and high mobility of the population. Thus, an outbreak in one country can quickly spread to others.

In conclusion, participants signed a resolution calling for transparency in the work of American laboratories. The document will be sent to the UN and relevant international organizations.

Earlier, News Front reported that in Ukraine there is a network of laboratories funded by the Pentagon. The agreement between Ukraine and the USA obliges Kiev to “refuse to publicly disclose information designated by the US Department of Defense as “sensitive”.

This article also states that the number of persons with access to “confidential information” should be extremely limited. At the same time, according to paragraph 4 of Article 7, the United States may gain access to information and developments that appear to be “state secret of Ukraine”.

Similar activities are underway in Georgia. There, not far from Tbilisi, is the scandalous Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center. In 2018, the ex-Minister of State Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze announced that he has evidence of dangerous experiments there.


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