US elections divide Europe into two camps

Populist Donald Trump is splitting the American society, and China will become the new superpower.

US elections divide Europe into two camps

Such unexpectedly harsh statements were made by the head of German diplomacy Heiko Maas, learning about Washington’s plans to withdraw part of the American troops from Germany. 

On Sunday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas accused the US President Donald Trump of populism, claiming that he is polarizing American society.

“In the USA, during the coverage of protests, they often harassed and attacked journalists. Trump called them enemies of the people and a lower life form”, – the minister said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag.

“This is what populists around the world are doing: they are setting up society against particular groups and are thus trying to mobilize their own supporters”, – Maas said. In his opinion, the use of force in a tense situation is a mistake, because “the democrats must reconcile society, and not split it”.

The German Foreign Minister also said that so far there has been “no reaction” to Washington’s criticism of Trump.

In addition, the German diplomat called China the future superpower, urging the EU to not limit itself to trade and economic issues with Beijing, and noted that Germany “took note” of reports of the withdrawal of part of US troops from its territory.

On Friday, the American edition of The Wall Street Journal, citing a source in the US government, reported that Trump had ordered 9.5 thousand US troops to be withdrawn from Germany by September. At the same time, according to the publication Der Spiegel, by the fall of 2020, the Pentagon may withdraw from the Federal Republic of Germany up to 15 thousand American troops.


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