No Middle East stability. USA reveals the way Israel deceived Trump

The sensational Middle East settlement plan proposed by Donald Trump at the beginning of the year is being implemented. More precisely, those parts of it that are beneficial to Israel.

No Middle East stability. USA reveals the way Israel deceived Trump

This is reported by the Bloomberg agency.

Already on July 1, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to fulfill one of the points of the so-called “deal of the century” proposed by Donald Trump. It is about the occupation of the Jordan Valley. In Washington, this move was seen as an “advance” to Israel. The problem is that Netanyahu distanced himself from fulfilling other parts of the American plan.

At the heart of the strategy was the creation of a Palestinian state with limited sovereignty. It was supposed to occupy 70% of the West Bank and, ultimately, all of Gaza. Netanyahu knew this very well when he adopted the plan in January, demonstrating ostentatious enthusiasm, the agency said. But he also understood that other terms of the deal would actually become recognition of the legitimacy of Israel on the Palestinian side.

Logically, Palestinian leaders do not accept Trump’s plan. Extremely right-wing Israelis who are fundamentally opposed to the very idea of ​​a Palestinian state belong to it in a similar way. Despite this, Netanyahu supported Trump. True, the Israeli Minister of Energy Yuval Steinitz later expressed an open position.

“We have not announced that we are accepting Trump’s plan, only parts of it”, – he said.

Bloomberg notes that this approach boils down to a unilateral occupation of territories and puts an end to the Middle East settlement. However, the Middle East is now far from the first place on the agenda of the US president. For him, the presidential race, riots, coronavirus and confrontation with China are much more important.


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