Lukashenko took into account the experience of Yanukovych. The way possible Maidan is being prepared in Belarus

In the near future, provocations aimed at a coup according to the Ukrainian scenario, can wait for Belarus.

This was told by the head of the republic Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with representatives of law enforcement agencies.

He called on law enforcement officers to ensure security during the presidential race, not excluding the threat that organized groups of extremists “would want to organize a massacre in the squares”.

“Democracy is a democracy, but there shouldn’t be lawlessness”, – Lukashenko emphasized.

He also drew attention to the fact that pro-Western politicians from outside the republic violate the rules of the election campaign. The President noted that the goal should not justify the means, but protests are taking place in the country according to the plan of the external “owners” of the opposition and at their expense. Moreover, the scenario is very reminiscent of the birth of the Ukrainian Euromaidan, which ended in an armed coup and the overthrow of the then president of the country, Viktor Yanukovych.

“They [the opposition] are calling for this. There will be only one response to trying to rock the situation, you understand very well”, – he added.

The presidential election in Belarus is scheduled for August 9, and the election campaign is taking place against the backdrop of protests used by opposition candidates.