Latvia’s false ways to fight racism

Latvian authorities cautiously abstain from commenting on what is happening in the USA.

Latvia's false ways to fight racism

At the same time, however, one of its youth organizations does not restrain itself. Its members carried out posters, knelt down. In general, a stabbing blow was dealt to racism in the republic.

As you know, now in the world there is no more serious problem than, suddenly, racism. Especially when the fight against it allows you to just take out expensive goods from shop windows. A special case suddenly turned out to be nationwide, and then the progressive public was not able to remain silent in other countries of the world. It showed itself most remarkably in countries where American foundations and related organizations are actively working.

Here in Latvia there is such a youth organization “Protest”. However, some people found out its existence only. Protests on Facebook against everything unholy. There are enough problems in the republic: outflow of the population, difficulties with finding a job, stratification of society – and, imagine, national intolerance. A really huge field.

But for some reason the organization does not care about the Latvian problems. Probably, the swing is not the same, it should be wider. Therefore, the protests are monumental: either against climate pollution (Greta, how’s it going?), then against the detention of LGBT activists in Moscow. And now everyone became so much worried over racism. Boys and girls came out, wrote posters. The main motive is racism in Latvia, but mottos were mostly for some reason in English. They protest in the central square, where anyone is not able to picket for no reason. Social networks are also full of calls for action, resentment and demonstrations. 

Suddenly, the State Security Service was seriously concerned about the problem of racism, which, like the authorities, received salary from the budget, but it should thoroughly report on the issue of expenditures almost like a youth organization, so that this budget does not change towards optimization. Imagine that authorities begin scrutinizing the social networks. And suddenly find something! Namely: “inciting ethnic, ethnic and racial hatred”. You can, by the way, exercise – go to some Latvian site in the comments and search. You don’t even have to search – this “happiness” will find you by itself. In a language that you understand.

There is still a local non-white activist dug up for comment.

“People here think that they are not racists, but their actions and words speak differently. My children are darker than the average Latvian children. And even they encounter racism”. Really?

Despite the fact that there are still few African Americans in Latvia, the word “black” is often used. Basically in a figurative sense: “Negro” is an abbreviated non-citizen (negrazhdanin in Russian stands for “non-citizen” – ed.). Do these citizens (excuse me – non-citizens) face some kind of discrimination? Well, no one talks about it, they don’t write about it in reports in the EU and UN. Even youth organizations do not protest – they care about something else. In general, no problem.

Now kindergartens are being translated into the regime of “single language of instruction” – into Latvian. Well, why are children chatting in the Russian language in kindergartens? It is necessary to format the nationality at an early age – it will be better for the society, this is for humane reasons. They are supposed to be grateful afterwords.

The fact that in Latvia the good one half hates the evil other on a national basis is completely different. They don’t like people of the same skin color, which means that it’s not racism. They don’t like “Negroes-non-citizens”, but to Negroes it’s normal. Like in that joke: I hate two things – racism and “blacks”. So it doesn’t matter what skin color you are, only not Russian.


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