In Lebanon protests have resumed


Protests in Lebanon have been going on since October 2019. The current rallies, the first after the easing of sanitary restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, began on Saturday, 6 June, in the capital and in the north of the country. Lebanese complain that the country is not fast enough to implement reforms and also protest against the powerlessness of the authorities, which they do not think can cope with the economic crisis. In Beirut, the demonstration outgrew the clashes between demonstrators and supporters of Hezbollah.

According to a source in the Lebanese security structures, on the evening of 6 June, an exchange of fire took place between residents of Sunni and Shiite neighbourhoods in Beirut. Two people were injured. Army forces were used to restore order.

On 7 June, the protests continued and escalated into clashes with law enforcement forces. Tear gas was used by the police. According to the Lebanese branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross, 48 people were injured, 37 of whom were treated on the ground.


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