At least 25 protesters detained in Hong Kong

Hong Kong police on Tuesday evening detained at least 25 demonstrators, timed to coincide with the first anniversary of the mass protests against the extradition bill, the police said on Twitter.

At least 25 protesters detained in Hong Kong

«At least 25 protesters in Hong Kong were detained for participating in unauthorized meetings, disturbing public order, and other offenses», –  the police said in a statement.

Police are urging demonstrators to stop breaking the law and disperse immediately, as protesters are already actively blocking traffic and building barricades from traffic cones in different parts of the city.

It was previously reported that police used pepper gas to disperse protesters on the first anniversary of the start of mass protests, which lasted more than six months. According to various sources, more than 1 million people took to the streets of Hong Kong a year ago.

Mass protests provoked by the consideration of the extradition bill have been held in Hong Kong since early June 2019. After large-scale protests, Hong Kong authorities made concessions, and in early October, the bill was completely withdrawn. Nevertheless, the protests did not stop, they became small, but more fierce. Over six months, over 900 demonstrations, marches, and protests took place in Hong Kong.


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