Armed people invade Libya’s largest field

Armed people have invaded the recently earned El Sharara largest oil field in Libya, the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) said on its website on Tuesday.

Armed people invade Libya's largest field

“The armed forces entered the Sharara field and ordered employees to immediately stop working at the field after several hours from the start of maintenance work, not caring about the significant technical damage caused by these actions, which may cost the Libyan state and its partners money, time and effort, as well as deprive them of the opportunity to resume oil production at the previous level”, – the corporation said in a statement.

According to her, the group “under the command of the so-called brigadier general Mohammed Khalifa”, which “knit on itself the protection of oil installations in the south”, asked the manager of the field to stop work.

The corporation said that a few days ago, the field had major technical problems associated with its downtime, after which the specialists in its operation from Acacus began pumping chemicals along the pipe to solve some problems and begin to resume production.

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The National Oil Corporation has ordered its employees not to comply with any military orders regarding the exploitation of the field and intends to send an official notification to the Prosecutor General, Interpol and the UN International Sanctions Committee in the event of a threat to stop production tomorrow morning.

Two days ago, the corporation announced the resumption of oil production at the largest field in the country, Al-Sharara, promising to resume oil production will resume at the level of 30 thousand barrels per day for 90 days.


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