American professor for Spiegel: “We hear America’s death rattle”

In an interview with the German magazine Spiegel, American historian Eddie Glaude offers a surprisingly candid explanation for the current unrest in the United States.

American professor for Spiegel: "We hear America's death rattle"

For Black Glode, who heads the Department of African-American Studies at Princeton University and is president of the American Religious Academy, the world’s largest society of religious scholars, the current unrest is the end of “white” America.

Glod literally made “Spiegel” clear: “We hear America’s death rattle. of America represented by Donald Trump.”

People know that the Republican Party and its demographic base is no longer expanding, but is shrinking. They know that the number of conservative Christian whites supporting the Republicans is shrinking. You know that America is becoming less and less white. Politically, it’s led to manic, panicky attempts to save America’s dying. Covid-19 and George Floyd have accelerated this process. When the old world dies, the new world is born. And we are midwives.”


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