Americans believe situation is totally under control

In a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 8 out of 10 Americans (i.e. 80%) said the authorities had completely lost control of what was happening in the United States.

Americans believe situation is totally under control

The largest wave of unrest in 50 years has revealed the incapacity of the authorities – especially in many liberal states, where the authorities have been powerless in suppressing pogroms and riots.

Of course, some structures tried to direct their efforts to do at least something possible: the FBI seriously took up the fight against the “antifa”. In Austin (Texas), one of the cells of the ultra-left organization is being liquidated, three members of the “antifa” are detained on charges of organizing robberies and pogroms.

In Missouri, local law enforcement officers were able to quickly investigate the sensational murder of retired police captain David Dorn. Dorn, 77, was trying to protect his buddies’ store when he was shot dead by a rioter. Captain Dorn is an African American, but none of the BLM movement holds rallies in his memory. The killer Dorn had already been arrested.

But there is another strategy – in response to the riots simply disperse the entire police. The Minneapolis City Council followed this path, which almost unanimously supported the abolition of the police.

Supporters of the elimination of the police themselves admit that they do not know what the consequences will be. But they are sure – law enforcement produces more harm than good.

However, it is not difficult to predict the real consequences: the people are beginning to be massively purchased with weapons (disputes about the need for the Second Amendment can now be considered complete) and is preparing to leave liberal megacities.


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