The State Department spared 1.2 billion – why didn’t countries wait for the U.S. promised help?

The U.S. Congress has allocated budget funds to help countries affected by the coronavirus, but for 3 months the needy have not received even a quarter of the financial support.


The State Department spared 1.2 billion - why didn't countries wait for the U.S. promised help?
This is reported by “The New York Times,” citing its own sources.

Back in March, U.S. lawmakers approved the allocation of $1.59 billion as financial support to other countries. The U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development were responsible for transferring money to those in need. In three months, only $386 million of the abovementioned amount was allocated.

NYT sources presented the results of such dubious American support. In particular, it became known about a letter from the heads of 27 aid organizations in Washington, according to which “humanitarian aid has practically not reached those who are at the forefront of this crisis.

A spokesman for the Puja Junjhunwala State Department said the agency was worth $595 million. However, it is a sum that is supposed to compensate organizations. This money will be paid out in an uncertain future. However, it was not possible to find out what part of the money was paid out and not promised.

According to the newspaper, since April, the State Department has allocated more than a billion dollars to more than a hundred states. Only all this money has never been delivered to the recipient. In many ways the reason for that was the system of cooperation with non-governmental organizations. The “right” NGOs receive funding in the form of grants, and the future fate of the money may be in doubt. For example, some grants were aimed at telling people in other countries how to defend themselves against the coronavirus.

At the same time, the money is not used to provide medical professionals with the truly necessary personal protective equipment. Moreover, Washington is seriously considering a ban on financing the purchase of medical protective equipment abroad while such supplies are needed by the U.S. itself.

Despite the problems, State Department head Michael Pompeo tirelessly praised himself and the “generosity” with which the United States has responded to the pandemic.

“America remains the world’s leading light of humanitarian good in this global pandemic”, –  the secretary of state said.


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