The main idea of Soros, and why it is impossible

The beauty of fairy tales is that they don’t disappear the moment we stop believing in Santa Claus or Santa Claus, depending on where we live. We grow up, and fairy tales grow up with us. Only their function practically does not change. Just as a parent reads another story so that the child as soon as possible falls asleep, now we are trying to “put to sleep” less loving, but very powerful forces …

The coronavirus pandemic has somewhat spoiled the globalist agenda. Many began to repeat that they would have to forget such a thing, for the crown crisis created a precedent in the modern world, sweeping the world without borders. But let’s be very frank and admit that such a scenario looks extremely ridiculous. The richest and most influential people of our planet will not give up the chance to get even more wealth and influence. And if one refuses, then another will simply take his place.

Yes, a pandemic will definitely force certain lessons to be learned, but the ideas of globalists will not disappear once and for all. Moreover, their planting will occur even more intensively in order to regain the trust of the timid layman.

And since we are talking about planting, we can not help but recall one of the main illusions of globalization. Ultimately, well-known George Soros even named his equally famous foundation in her honor. Open society. The name of this concept is noteworthy in that two words paint us a beautiful, albeit abstract, picture. Two words, the meaning of which will be understood by most people just enough so that they consider it sufficient and do not spend their invaluable time and effort trying to delve into the theory.

The concept of the Open Society in the form that it has now was created by Karl Popper, although Henri Bergson first spoke about this. However, it is noteworthy that neither one nor the other went into specifics, creating only a peculiar silhouette of the idea. Given the position of both philosophers, we can distinguish the following key aspects:

– global,

– ubiquitous democracy,

– lack of prohibitions.

“Taboo leaves no loopholes,” Popper wrote. – With this form of life, there were practically no problems and there was nothing even remotely similar to moral problems. I do not want to say that a member of the tribe was never required great heroism and stamina to act in accordance with the taboo.

I mean, he rarely got into a position that made him doubt how to act. The correct path is always determined in advance, although, following it, one has to overcome difficulties. It is defined by taboos, magical tribal institutions that never become objects of critical consideration. ”

From the above it becomes clear how the supporters of the Open Society see its antagonist – the Closed Society. A society that all of us are familiar to some extent. Elements of this exist in modern countries, and not only in Russia, as some people think.

Now let’s better imagine the Open Society in our modern realities. A society where there are no borders, where there will be no more wars and oppression, where everyone is equal regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation or other signs. A society not constrained by hypocritical morality. A society where there is NO PROHIBITION! Perhaps it would be fair to believe that murder or theft will retain the status of crime.

It is such a society that we can observe in science fiction stories about space adventures. People who have the right and the opportunity to finally go beyond our planet and conquer new ones. Such stories are fascinating, but often omit the moment of transition to the Open Society. We see only the result – a new previously unattainable level. All this looks attractive and, fortunately for globalists, one does not need to be a genius to connect their current ideas with the prospect of a beautiful future. But there is one single factor that nullifies everything. The factor against which the delights of liberalism are powerless is the human factor.

When we impose the above components on modern realities, it becomes clear that the model is not viable. Humanity itself is not ready for this. Remember how Europe began to flood Europe with liberal slogans by Middle Eastern migrants. What came of it? Friendly multicultural society? Not at all! It was not just an artificial, but an unnatural mixing process, as if two magnets were pressed together by the same polarity and tied with duct tape. Unfortunately, such experiments entail only an increase in social tension and nationalism.

If you think the process takes time, look back at what is happening in the United States. No matter how they try to create the illusions of equality, the difference between white and black is obvious, and centuries of coexistence are riddled with mutual hostility and distrust. Open the American media, and you will see in the articles on the George Floyd case wording, like “a white policeman killed a black one.” Not a citizen, namely black. This line is deliberately drawn in the information field, and this, I note, is happening in the USA, the so-called “cradle of democracy.”

However, not only congenital human xenophobia is an obstacle to the idea of ​​Soros. Karl Popper, for example, comparing Closed Society with the body, noted that “legs usually do not show a desire to become a brain, and other parts of the body usually do not show a desire to become a stomach.”

“Nothing in the body corresponds to one of the most important characteristics of an open society – competition for status among its members,” said the philosopher.

But does each individual seek competition? Is everyone able to compete? What will happen to those who have not passed this selection? Whether a person has ambitions or not, it is important to remember: in any society, those who will clean the toilets are needed. Classiness cannot be avoided, and where there are classes, there is inequality. Where there is inequality, there is political manipulation.

The values ​​imposed by the ideologists of globalism contradict the realities that underlie our world order. To change the situation, it is necessary to destroy the existing order. The paradox is that the elites who impose on us the very values ​​will not allow us to break the current system, because then they themselves will lose everything. In the end, even Western financial elites, being sponsors of globalization, are a closed society, clans, which are incredibly difficult to get from outside.

Why then promote the Open Society? The answer to this logical question was at the very beginning of the article. This is a fairy tale created for the oppressed. Just as religion has become a hope for divine justice after death, now there are illusions of democracy and equality. They are like flames beckoning blinded moths. These moths rush to their death, not suspecting that the fire will swallow them. Not for a higher purpose, but only as food to burn longer and hotter. 

An open society is a tool for achieving very prosaic goals. While some people believe that one day the era of justice will come, others earn and strengthen their power at a level that we can only imagine.

Eugene Gaman, specially for News Front


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