Russophobia cost Moldova 4.2 billion as a budget hole

The Moldovan government is forced to look for ways to provide the population with social benefits, abandoning spending of secondary importance because of the multi-billion dollar budget deficit.

Russophobia cost Moldova 4.2 billion as a budget hole

Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Kiku told about it on the air of the NTV Moldova channel.

According to him, there is a 4.2 billion lei or almost 247 million dollars “hole” in the budget. The reason for this was sabotage by the Moldovan pro-Western opposition, which blocked the receipt of a loan from the Russian Federation.

Kiku said that Chisinau hopes to reach a new agreement with Moscow on financial support.

“We need this money, it is included in this year’s budget. 4.2 billion lei”, –  the prime minister said, admitting that now the position of the Russian side may change.

He complained that now there are no guarantees regarding the Russian loan, and the Moldovan authorities are forced to build further works based on a negative scenario, according to which the republic will not get the money. In this respect, Chisinau has blocked non-priority expenses at the country level, while local authorities make similar decisions at their own level. At the same time, the government expects to maintain social payments to the population despite the deficit.

As News Front reported earlier, the Moldovan pro-Western opposition has deprived the country of the possibility to receive financial assistance on favorable conditions. The reason for this was the Russophobic stance of politicians who complained to the Constitutional Court of Moldova, claiming that Russia is allegedly trying to increase its influence in the country through a loan. As a result, the court suspended the decision, which had already been ratified at the level of parliament.


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