Protests in Seattle: A car drives into a crowd of protesters

One man was injured after being shot during protests in Seattle.

One person was injured after a man opened fire during protests in Seattle, USA.

According to the police, the vehicle entered the protesters’ crowd, the driver got out of the vehicle and opened fire. One man was injured, taken to hospital and is in a stable condition, the newspaper notes.
The shooter has been detained and police are investigating the incident.

A wave of riots in the United States began in late May in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where a 46-year-old African-American, George Floyd, died as a result of police brutality. Orderly guards pushed him onto the asphalt and held him for more than eight minutes. One of them squeezed Floyd’s neck, who later died in intensive care. The police officers involved were fired and one of them was charged with negligent homicide. On 3 June, the Prosecutor General of Minnesota indicted three other police officers in the Floyd case.


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