NYT changed its editor for an article on the use of troops against protesters

Senator Tom Cotton’s author’s note sparked controversy in the newspaper team.

NYT changed its editor for an article on the use of troops against protesters

One of the key editors of the American newspaper The New York Times was forced to resign his post on Sunday for authoring an article by Senator Tom Cotton (Republican from Arkansas) in support of the idea of using troops against protesters in cities across the United States. This was announced by the management of the publication itself and The New York Times Company.

“Editor of the editorial James Bennett resigned after the controversy caused by the publication of the author’s note Senator Tom Cotton, who called for the use of military force against protesters in American cities,” – said in Twitter newspaper. Its leadership believed that Bennett, with all his undeniable professional merits, “will not be able to lead the team in the next stage of the required transformation.”

The senator’s author’s note was published under the heading “Send Troops”.

“Only one thing will restore order to the streets of our cities – an overwhelming demonstration of force to disperse, apprehend and ultimately deter lawbreakers”, –  Cotton wrote.

The reaction of journalists and Trump

More than 800 employees of The New York Times protested against this publication and wrote a letter to the management of the newspaper itself and The New York Times Company. In particular, the letter cites as an example of misinformation the senator described the role of the anti-fascist movement in the protests.

US President Donald Trump, commenting on Bennett’s departure, once again criticized The New York Times.

“That’s right, he left because of a great column written by our great Senator Tom Cotton. Transparency! The State of Arkansas is very proud of Tom. The New York Times is a lying media outlet”, –  the head of the Washington administration wrote on Twitter.


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