Merkel sabotaged Britain’s Russophobic plan: How London turned out to be powerless against Nord Stream-2

In London, they persistently wanted to play along with Washington, but had to submit to Brussels.

The British authorities hoped to seize the opportunity to demonstrate transatlantic solidarity.

Opportunity implied sanctions on Nord Stream 2. As you know, at the end of last year, Washington imposed restrictions against the project. He threatened to blacklist the companies involved in the construction of the pipeline. Moreover, it has recently become known that a new bill has been registered in the US Senate that expands sanctions. The document involves punitive measures against companies that insure and service the ships laying the pipeline.

According to British MP Daniel Kavchinski, he suggested that Prime Minister Boris Johnson demonstrate commitment to US policy and “bury the pipeline once and for all.”

“Our duty to our partners in the North Atlantic Alliance, in particular to those who are at the forefront – in Eastern Europe, is to regain control of foreign policy and support the sanctions regime of America,” Kavchinsky said.

However, the Russophobic ambitions of the parliamentarian came across political realities, according to which the United Kingdom is still forced to obey the rules of the European Union. Thus, the government said that unilateral sanctions are impossible due to the transitional conditions within the framework of Brexit. At the same time, Germany, being the most influential country in the Commonwealth, rejects sanctions against Nord Stream-2.

Kavchinski, in turn, called the government of Angela Merkel “traitors” of Europe for their intentions to expand cooperation with Russia in the energy sector. The politician said that Germany “only on paper” is committed to “protecting the continent from possible interference and influence of Russia.” On this his Russophobic demarche ended.