Americans will succeed in being ruled by a minority

Alexey Pushkov commented on the situation in the United States. He is sure that the Americans themselves do not understand what they are achieving.

Americans will succeed in being ruled by a minority

“Did the Americans want minorities to rule them?” They will rule them. Now the topic of guilt for racism will become a key issue in the country and will turn into an alibi for African-Americans prone to violence and crime. If Floyd is declared the hero of the nation, its icon, then why is it impossible for others to follow his path? ”, He wrote.

Most likely, when it comes to US citizens what they have done, it will be too late.

“The Americans have not yet realized what is happening with their country. And when they understand, it will be too late. The relative socio-ethnic balance reached until 2020 will be changed and disturbed. The USA will not become a “better nation” (“a better nation”), as the Washington Post dreams. But they will indeed become another nation, with new syndromes and distortions, with the most severe dictatorship of political correctness – and they are already becoming. Right before our eyes, ” said Pushkov.


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