A monument to the English slave trader of the 17th century was demolished in Britain


In Britain, supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement demolished a monument to the English slave trader and philanthropist Edward Colston, who lived in Bristol at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

There were videos in social networks where protesters against racism threw a statue from a pedestal, the incident took place during Sunday protests in the city center.
The philanthropist and slave trader Edward Colston was born in Briston in 1636. He was also a member of parliament. Many schools, as well as buildings and charities, were named after Colston in the British city.
Colston’s bronze monument was erected in 1895, but according to the publication, the statue has always caused mixed feelings among the citizens. Recently a petition with the demand to demolish the monument was signed and given to the Bristol City Council by over 10 thousand people.

It should be recalled that the unrest and protests engulfed many countries of the world after the death of African-American detainee George Floyd in the United States. When the man was detained, the police threw him to the ground, and one of the policemen pressed his knee on his neck. Floyd shouted that he couldn’t breathe, and then passed out. Soon he died in the hospital.

Massive riots continue both within the United States and outside the country. People are protesting against police brutality and racial discrimination.


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