In London, 23 policemen were injured at the hands of protesters

Protests in London caused the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, which culminated in clashes between protesters and police. In a protest rally against racial inequality, 23 police officers were injured in the streets.


As a result of clashes with the police, 14 people were detained. It is reported that a number of buildings on Whitehall after the demonstration were covered with graffiti, and the abbreviation BLM from the slogan Black Lives Matter (Black Life Matters) appeared on Cenotaph – a symbolic monument to fallen soldiers.

Also, during a protest rally, the Black Lives Matter launched a police horse on a bicycle. The horse was frightened and rushed to the side, as a result of which the police officer who ran the horse hit the pole and fell out of the saddle.

Demonstrations in support of blacks caused by the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis were marked on Saturday in London by clashes with protesters with the police.

The video shows how some demonstrators pushed law enforcement officers and threw various objects, bottles and firecrackers in their direction. In one case, the policeman either fell off the horse or was thrown from it – on television channels and social networks showed footage of a horse riding without a rider, and the policeman is lying on the ground.

In some cases, celebrities joined the demonstrators. So, the American singer Madonna, English boxer Anthony Joshua, formerly famous German tennis player Boris Becker, were seen in the crowd of protesters.