The biggest protest will take place in Washington – tens of thousands of participants are expected

Agitators convene residents of the American capital for the largest protest.

This is reported on Saturday, June 6, by Reuters.

According to media reports, the action should unfold today, on the twelfth day of the American riot. The local police are already preparing for clashes, and the instigators of the demonstration are actively working on social networks. They called for a million people to take part in the action. At the same time, local media forecast several tens of thousands of participants.

“We have many open sources of information that suggest that the Saturday event could be one of the largest ever held in the city”, – said Washington Police Chief Peter Newham.

Now in the American capital it is 9 a.m., but traffic in the city center is already blocked.

As News Front previously reported, riots have not subsided in the United States since last week. The uprising began in Minneapolis, where a policeman killed African-American George Floyd. The man was detained on suspicion of forging a check for $20. During the arrest, the policeman began to press his knee on Floyd’s neck. He said that he had nothing to breathe, but the policeman did not listen. As a result, the detainee died.


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