Swedish doctors warn of a COVID “bomb” due to protests in the US

Swedish doctors have called a time bomb a protest against racism in Stockholm, InoTV reported, citing Das Erste.

Swedish doctors warn of a COVID "bomb" due to protests in the US

Sweden for a long time supported a relatively lenient policy regarding the coronavirus, which was consistent with the population of the kingdom and even the political opposition.

However, after the outbreak of protests in the United States after the death of African American George Floyd, actions against racism also began in a European country.

During one of them, the police tried to disperse the crowd using gas canisters. The demonstration did not cause controversy, but the ban on meetings of over 50 people was violated. Because of this, local doctors are worried about the situation with coronavirus in the country.

One of the Swedish doctors specializing in infectious diseases even called the Stockholm demonstration “a bomb that could explode in three weeks”.

“Having come under such pressure, the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Leuven is trying to solve the problem by limiting damage. Among other things, it is planned to remove restrictions on the Swedes within the country of their own – but only for the healthy, although it is not clear how this can be determined for sure” , – experts interviewed by Das Erste conclude.

Riots in the U.S. broke out in Minneapolis and several other cities after a video of the detention of African-American George Floyd, who died as a result of a policeman pinching his neck with his knee and ignoring Floyd’s words that he could not breathe, appeared on the Web. After the riots started, four policemen were fired, and one of them was accused of negligence.


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