Pentagon rehearsed riots in the United States 2 years ago

Mass protests and pogroms in the US began earlier than planned.

Pentagon rehearsed riots in the United States 2 years ago

This was reported by The Intercept, citing information received from the Pentagon.

The document, which was at the disposal of the editorial office, says that back in 2018, the US Department of Defense rehearsed a national uprising, involving military personnel and students of military colleges.

The project was named “JLASS”. It simulated events unfolding in the United States in the mid-2020s. According to the scenario, in the period until 2028, representatives of the “Z” generation, faced with the 9/11 terrorist attack and the global crisis of 2008, burdened with debts and deprived of employment opportunities, begin an uprising. They start protests in Seattle, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Austin.

In parallel with this, the “Zbellion” group is launching a large-scale hacker campaign, the purpose of which is to seize finance from large corporations, financial institutions and non-governmental organizations. In the future, this money is distributed among “worthy recipients”.

As planned, the war game was intended to “reflect a plausible description of the main trends” in the world where people opposed the system.


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