One of the largest corporations in the world is facing US sanctions

The United States hit restrictive measures on its own oil companies.

One of the largest corporations in the world is facing US sanctions

This was reported by Reuters.

According to media reports, Chevron Oil and Gas Corporation, the second US integrated energy company after ExxonMobil and one of the largest in the world, is partnering with Adamant Maritime, leasing a tanker from the latter.
In particular, we are talking about the large oil tanker Seahero. Chevron spokesman Ray Faure said the vessel is on a short-term charter. However, as it turned out, the US Treasury Department put the ship on the black list. Seahero, like its owner Adamant Maritime, came under United States anti-Venezuelan sanctions.

On June 2, the Ministry of Finance imposed sanctions on four ships and four companies that delivered fuel from Iran to Venezuela. Restrictions include freezing assets in the United States. At the same time, American citizens or companies are prohibited from cooperating with the persons involved in the sanctions list.

Ray For noted that the Seahero tanker is currently on a voyage that is “not connected to Venezuela”. According to him, Chevron representatives are working to resolve the issue with government agencies without violating the US law.


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