Facebook chose not to see evidence of foreign interference in US protests

The statement of the representatives of the largest world social network contradicts the statements of the US Secretary of Justice.

Facebook chose not to see evidence of foreign interference in US protests

According to Voice of America, Facebook said it did not find evidence on its platforms of coordinated interference from abroad aimed at protests in the US on its platforms.

“We are actively looking for and do not see yet interference from abroad, or coordinated inauthentic behavior that came from the USA aimed at protests”, – said Nathaniel Gleicher, chairman of Facebook’s cybersecurity policy, who urged us not to draw premature conclusions without clear evidence of interference abroad.

Earlier, the US Secretary of Justice William Barr said that the “extremist agitators” associated with the radical left movement “Antifa” and groups that act in the interests of foreign states, tried to use national protests to aggravate the situation in the United States. According to Barr, foreign groups are now conducting misinformation campaigns on social networks, such as campaigns conducted by Russian authorities during the 2016 US presidential election. The goal of foreigners, according to Barr, is to sow enmity in American society.

The fact that Facebook actively assented to the American authorities in search of a mythical Russian trace in the US presidential election suddenly began to contradict it, there is nothing surprising. The largest corporation, adhering to ultra-liberal views, openly supports the Democrats and wants to dump Trump. And so Zuckerberg and the company will not help the current President of the United States.


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