Too many whites in Biden’s team – Democrats horrified

The top of the Democratic Party, as well as its sponsors, are concerned that Joe Biden’s team is out of trend.

Too many whites in Biden’s team - Democrats horrified

This was reported by The New York Times.

The 77-year-old Democrat saw an excellent opportunity in the killing of African-American George Floyd by the police. Now, Biden is trying to appear before a black voter as a “healing power” on the issue of racism.

However, his allies are skeptical of his ideas, which may not be justified in the long run. Excessive confidence that the “colored” electorate on its side could turn into a defeat in the November elections.

Democrats are confident that it’s not enough for Biden to simply oppose Donald Trump on racism, the article says.

“So far, the strongest public pressure on Mr. Biden has been to choose a colored woman as his partner [vice president]. But interviews with more than three dozen donors, activists, and democratic officials inside and outside the campaign have shown that many consider Biden’s racial composition as important in terms of how he can bring together a wide range of Democratic parties in 2020”, – the newspaper notes. 

NYT notes that the current Democratic team is “too white”: its main strategist is white, his three advisers are white, and his economic team is also white.

Against this background, the leadership of Biden’s headquarters has already assured the top of the Democratic Party that they will recruit two new senior advisers who will be “color”.


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