Syria accuses Israel of bombing Hama province and killing 9 people

Syrian government media and the Human Rights Observatory reported Israeli air strikes on the city of Masyaf in the province of Hama. IDF aircraft reportedly attacked from Lebanese airspace.

According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, the objects of missile strikes were the defense plants of the Syrian government, located in Masyaf. Earlier, the IDF Air Force attacked the military-industrial institute located in this area, where new weapons are being developed.

As usual, the Syrian state media reported that the air defense systems were put in place and delivered “retaliatory strikes” against enemy targets. However, this time it is not claimed that the missiles were intercepted, and it is even reported that nine people were killed as a result of the shelling, four of whom are Syrian citizens.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported an attack in the Abu Kamal area that killed five militants of pro-Iranian militias.

Ynet notes that two Iranian cargo planes arrived in Damascus yesterday, and in the past, after such visits, attacks attributed to Israel on Syrian territory have already occurred.

Syrian army military targets came under attack from Israeli aircraft in the vicinity of the city of Masyaf. According to local media, the target of the attack was military depots. According to local residents, the purpose of the raid was only seven kilometers from the base of the Russian air defense systems in Syria. According to information from the field, at least part of the missiles was shot down by Syrian air defense forces on approach.


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