Opposition will be dealt with after the president – as a fugitive Moldavian oligarch regains power

Hiding from justice, the corrupt official Vladimir Plahotniuc did not forget how his current allies from the pro-Western opposition staged protests against him.

This was told by political analyst Igor Volnitsky in a commentary to the eNews publication.

According to him, Andrian Candu, head of the Pro Moldova parliamentary group, which is lobbying for Plahotniuc’s interests, is ready to dismiss the government of Ion Kiku at any cost. This is necessary in order to weaken the position of President of Moldova Igor Dodon. At the same time, Pro Moldova makes it clear that Andrei Nastase can become the new prime minister.

Volnitsky does not exclude the possibility that Pro Moldova, formed from former members of the Democratic Party, will be replenished with several more deputies, but this time from among the socialists.

“Undoubtedly, they coordinate their actions with Plahotniuc. His influence is still very great. The main goals of the Kandu group are to remove Kiku, deal with Dodon, and then with Naste. This long-standing struggle, when he staged major protests against the Democratic Party and Plahotniuc, is not forgotten”, – the expert explains.

At the same time, Nastase himself realizes that his alliance with Maya Sandu has exhausted itself, so he will have to realize his presidential ambitions on his own. Sandu becomes a competitor for him in the election of the head of the republic, and only in the second round will pro-Western forces vote for someone who will come face to face with Igor Dodon.

Political situation in Moldova

The pro-Western opposition bloc ACUM — the union of the Action and Solidarity parties of Maya Sandu and Andrei Nastase’s Dignity and Truth — united in a coalition with the Socialist Party following last year’s parliamentary elections.

Then Maya Sandu, who recently spoke at opposition rallies, was given the opportunity to form a government. However, she was not the prime minister for long. Sandu tried to bypass the parliament to obtain the right to single-handedly nominate candidates for the post of Attorney General. This led to another political crisis, which ended with the resignation of the government. After that, the coalition broke up, and the ACUM bloc was again in opposition.

Now both Sandu and Nastase intend to participate in the presidential race. In addition, they began to collaborate with the Pro Moldova group. The new political formation was created by deputies who left the Democratic Party when it united with the socialists.

The leader of Pro Moldova was the speaker of the parliament of the times of Plahotniuc Andrian Candu. According to reports, Pro Moldova is funded by oligarchs who fled the country and involved in financial fraud. In particular, at least 150 thousand euros were paid to every deserter democrat.

It is noteworthy that in the past Sandu and Nestas were ardent opponents of Vladimir Plahotniuc. Now they are interacting with deputies who are lobbying for the interests of a runaway corrupt official, hoping that they will be able to destroy the parliamentary majority of the socialists and Democratic Party of Moldova. To this end, Pro Moldova continues to bribe Democrats, luring them to their side.