Britain’s stories of police brutality are revealed

The country, which was one of the first to criticize Russia for violating civil rights, is seriously suffering from police arbitrariness and racism, not inferior to American ones.

Britain’s stories of police brutality are revealed

About this writes the publication The Guardian.

As noted in the media, now the British, supporting American protesters, are sharply criticized. There is only one excuse: what is happening in the USA has nothing to do with Britain. However, this is not at all true, the article says. Although there are no small town prisons and rifle patrols in the United Kingdom, there are also enough incidents similar to the murder of George Floyd.

The authors recalled at least three similar cases in Britain since 2010, with all three law enforcement officers acquitted.

“The last time a policeman was successfully prosecuted in the UK for the death of someone in custody was in 1969, when the Beatles were not only alive, but together”, – the publication emphasizes.

Then two police officers from the city of Leeds killed a black homeless David Ouluvale, whom they had long pursued, intending to drive out of the city. The police insulted Ouluvale every time they noticed on the street. The homeless was eventually killed when he was taken into custody. Police officers were charged with manslaughter and sentenced to 3 years in prison. Since then, not a single similar incident has ended in the punishment of a policeman.

“Institutional racism exists at all levels of our criminal justice system: from those who are detained and searched, to those who are arrested, who are charged, and who are tried”, –  the article says.

Referring to the results of the Lammy Review study, the publication notes that blacks make up 3% of the total population of England and Wales, but they make up 12% of prisoners. This is even higher than in the USA. Moreover, among minors in custody the proportion of blacks and other minorities is 48%.


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