U.S. riots compound unemployment

The level of unemployment in the United States in May can reach twenty percent levels, and minorities are most affected by the crisis.

U.S. riots compound unemployment

It is reported by the publication Politico.

As noted in the media, with the riots, everyone forgot that the country is undergoing a serious recession. According to forecasts, unemployment in May reached 20%. In addition, according to the Ministry of Labor, less than half of blacks currently have jobs.

It is expected that the weekly report of the department, which will be published on Thursday, will show that about 1.8 million more people have applied for unemployment benefits. Although this number is lower than the figures that the reports showed in the midst of the epidemic, it is still huge compared with the February figure of 200 thousand.

Experts fear that the coronavirus, the economic crisis and the riots will influence each other. The consequences of such a scenario can be extremely dangerous. For example, street protests could lead to new outbreaks of COVID-19.


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