Opposition demands resignation of Ukrainian government

Speaking in the Rada, Yuriy Boyko voiced the requirements of the “HMW” block.

Yury Boyko, co-chairman of the Opposition Platform for Life faction, in his speech from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada during the consideration of the Cabinet of Ministers program of activities, said that the faction would initiate the resignation of the government.

“The first real step was failed – to pay surcharges of 300% to doctors who are struggling with coronavirus. The government is not able to ensure the filling of the state budget. Even after the revision and reduction of the revenue side, the budget revenue plan has not been implemented by almost a third. But last week, 27 billion was paid for servicing loans to financial speculators who bought our bonds, the opposition politician noted. Even on paper in this program for the unemployed, the real sector, support for small and medium-sized businesses – in total, all support programs are allocated less than for servicing external debts. ”

The Verkhovna Rada sent a program of government activities for revision. For this voted 245 deputies.