In the United States presented a report on the “Kremlin agents” provoking pogroms

Russia uses media resources to “intervene” in American protests, but as always failed to prove this.

In the United States presented a report on the "Kremlin agents" provoking pogroms

This is stated in the material of the channel “NBC News”.

Against the background of how unrest erupted in the United States, Washington Russophobes found it possible to blame Russia, Iran and China. This practice is regularly used by the American administration, but each time the accusations cannot be supported by evidence. This time the situation has changed, because the large analytical company Graphika has denied the allegations.

The company’s report on the study of Internet traffic in social media said that Russia did not use its resources to fuel disagreements in the United States. Despite the “massive social media activity” associated with the protests, “there is no evidence that a large-scale covert intervention campaign could be offered,” the document says.

The company notes that Russian media “focused on local facts in accordance with their practice of covering protests in the West.” In particular, the publications were comments by “prominent Kremlin critics” or analyzed the actions of American human rights defenders.

“There is no evidence to support a statement about Russia’s covert intervention in the protests. It is important that such claims are not raised and strengthened if there is no evidence of their support, since they can be used to falsely discredit and legitimize genuine activists, ” analysts warned.


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