Fugitive Moldavian oligarch can save “geopolitical patronage”

The probability of extradition of the person involved in the theft of a billion Vladimir Plahotniuc is very high, however, the oligarch may receive outside support.

This was stated by the President of Moldova Igor Dodon on the air of the Sputnik radio station.

According to him, the speculation that the Plahotniuc’s case was allegedly politicized should have ended even when the head of the US State Department accused the oligarch of violating the laws of Moldova.

“I think there is no chance of trying to give a political connotation to everything related to the Plahotniuc’s case, except if someone wants to provide him with geopolitical protection,” the head of the republic said, stressing that “this will become clear in the near future” .

Dodon noted that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Moldova is taking all necessary steps in the Plahotniuc’s case, because “the probability of extradition is quite high.” The situation is complicated only by the desire of external forces to exert a certain influence on Moldova.


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