Trump is preparing the prosecutor’s office for a large-scale case against Poroshenko

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is seriously offended by the investigation of the scandalous interference of the American Democratic administration in the politics of Kiev.

Trump is preparing the prosecutor's office for a large-scale case against Poroshenko

This was said by ex-deputy Alexander Onishchenko in a commentary on NewsOne.

According to him, the lawyer of the President of the United States, Rudolf Giuliani, has enough materials to begin an investigation into the ties of Joe Biden with Petro Poroshenko. The US prosecutor’s office is already preparing for “serious appearances,” Onishchenko continues. The campaign itself will begin in September or October, that is, immediately before the US presidential election.

Onishchenko did not rule out that a criminal case could have been opened earlier, but now the American information field has been “occupied” by riots caused by the murder of an African American.

“They will lay out their trump card in September,” the politician emphasized.

He also expressed confidence that there will be no prosecution of Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine, as Vladimir Zelensky “fully interacts” with his predecessor. Despite the fact that the current president of Ukraine during the election campaign promised to imprison large corrupt officials, including Poroshenko, now both politicians have begun mutually beneficial cooperation. One of the main reasons that Zelensky made his own promises, according to Onishchenko, is that his party needs Poroshenko’s financial resource.

As News Front previously reported, US President Donald Trump had long planned to initiate an investigation into his rival Joe Biden. The fact is that Biden forced Poroshenko to dismiss Viktor Shokin from the post of prosecutor general of Ukraine. This happened after the prosecution began checking the financial frauds of Burisma, which was led by Biden’s son.


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