Protests and pogroms do not cease in the USA, there are victims

In a number of US cities on Tuesday evening, June 2, anti-racist protests continued due to the death of African-American George Floyd.

At least 11 people died during the protests and riots in the United States, which resulted in the death of African-American George Floyd during his arrest, according to American media.

They were detained – and this information is reported by the Associated Press, about four and a half thousand demonstrators. They, as it became known, have already been charged with looting, violation of curfews, blocking roads.

In Houston, where Floyd grew up, tens of thousands of people took part in a peaceful demonstration, including the mayor of the city and relatives of the deceased.

Demonstrations also continued in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago. In New York and Washington, people continued to protest peacefully even after curfews arrived. In the American capital, hundreds of people gathered at the White House and chanted “To hell with your curfew” and “We won’t leave.”

George Floyd died on May 25 after a policeman strangled him with a knee during his detention for about nine minutes. A police officer is arrested and charged with negligence. This tragedy in Minneapolis triggered a wave of protests throughout the United States. Demonstrations escalated into riots and clashes with the police. In many cities, curfews were imposed and the National Guard was deployed.


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