News Front rose in citation rating despite blocking

Attempts to hinder the work of News Front were unsuccessful, as evidenced by the ratings of Brand Analytics.

News Front rose in citation rating despite blocking

According to the project data for May 2020, News Front climbed one line and took 11th place in the ranking. The citation index of our agency for the month amounted to more than 171.5 thousand links.

Brand Analytics compiles ratings by analyzing citation on social media, in particular on Facebook and YouTube. As you know, in the spring a campaign was launched against our agency, the purpose of which is to prevent the spread of information that is objectionable to Western structures.

So, first, non-governmental organizations funded by scandalous oligarch George Soros “took care” of deleting the official News Front pages on the social network Facebook. Later, the YouTube video hosting administration also joined in the fight against the unfavorable truth, without explanation deleting the channel of our agency, to which almost half a million people were subscribed.

The May Brand Analytics ranking is a clear demonstration that attempts to hinder the dissemination of truthful information were unsuccessful, and without the support of our readers this would not have been possible.


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