Moldovans believe in Dodon

According to opinion polls, the current president of Moldova continues to enjoy the trust of most fellow citizens.

Moldovans believe in Dodon

According to the latest socio-political survey conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation commissioned by TVC 21, If ​​the presidential election is held next Sunday, the current head of state, Igor Dodon, will receive a majority of the votes.

According to the study, almost 47% of respondents are ready to vote for Igor Dodon as president of the country. Maya Sandu would receive a little more than 30%, and Andrei Nastase would occupy the third place – from 6.6%.

In addition, according to ordinary Moldovans, Igor Dodon is the most suitable politician for the post of president of the country.

According to the study, almost 30% of respondents named the current president the most suitable candidate for this post. Maya Sandu was in second place with a result of 18%, 4.8% voted for Andrei Nastase, 3.9% for Renato Usatii, and 2.2% for Ilan Shor.


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