In court, proved the danger of uranium ammunition NATO: The alliance is increasingly difficult to deny guilt

The widow of the captain of the French gendarmerie Henri Fricono managed to prove that her husband died due to exposure to depleted uranium, which was used during the bombing of Serbia.

In court, proved the danger of uranium ammunition NATO: The alliance is increasingly difficult to deny guilt

On Wednesday, June 3, according to the Serbian edition of News Front.

In the spring of 1999, the Alliance launched Operation Allied Force, during which NATO aviation carried out air strikes over Serbia for more than two months. Then the forces of the block used depleted uranium shells, because of which the deaths did not stop even with the end of hostilities.

The late Henry Frikono, in 2000, was part of the NATO KFOR mission in Kosovo Mitrovica. There he spent six months as part of the investigative unit. Fricono lived in the former Serbian barracks, which had previously been bombed by NATO.

Loret Fricono said that her husband began to feel leg pain a year before his death: “It turned out that his whole body was affected and it was already too late. He died in agony. ”

For four years, she tried to obtain in court a recognition that Henri Fricono died from exposure to depleted uranium, which he suffered while in Kosovo. Now she succeeded. The French court found that the cancer of the French gendarme is due to the radioactivity of depleted uranium used in the munitions of NATO forces.

“I was lucky that I was supported by an expert who works in the European Court, and that’s why we won the process. I would like, although it was not my goal at first, for people to know that there are those who died of cancer without even knowing the reasons, ” said the widow.

NATO still claims that depleted uranium is supposedly not dangerous, although the facts suggest otherwise. In Italy, for 20 years, hundreds of mission participants in Kosovo have been confronted with oncology. It is estimated that over 350 of them have already passed away. The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry has established that there is a connection between the effects of depleted uranium in Kosovo and diseases, and the Italian courts hold the same position.

The situation in the bombed Serbia is even worse. According to some reports, depleted uranium used in airstrikes would be enough to create 170 atomic bombs with a capacity of 13-18 kilotons. This is exactly what the U.S. threw onto Hiroshima in 1945. This has led to the fact that now in Serbia, among other things, there is an increase in childhood oncological diseases.


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