Seventh day of the American Spring: security forces strike back

70,000 National Guard soldiers have been taken to the streets of American cities: that is an absolute record in the US history. The previous one was set during Hurricane Katrina in 2005: 51,000 soldiers.

Seventh day of the American Spring: security forces strike back

In the center of New York on Fifth Avenue, pogroms and looting of branded clothing stores continue. Police compares what is happening in the city to the “civil war” and begins to react harsher. A curfew has been introduced in the city, the number of people detained during the pogroms is off the charts, they are handcuffed for hours at police stations.

Attorney General William Barr has announced the dispatch of riot suppression experts to support some states like Florida. He intends to investigate any violence during the protests with the same rigor as terrorist acts.

In Washington, the police and the National Guard received orders to push the protesters away from the perimeter of the White House. A little later, Donald Trump took a walk from his residence until the arrival of the Episcopal Church of St. John, which was burned down by thugs last night.

In the church, Trump announced the mobilization of all federal forces to counter the anarchists and pogromists: “I am the President of law and order”. It is with such a winning agenda that Trump will be elected for a new term, accusing his Democratic opponents of lawlessness.

The presidential administration is talking about the application of the “Act of Uprising”, adopted in 1807, which allows the use of regular military forces (and not just the National Guard) in the United States. The last time this act was addressed was to quell riot in Los Angeles 1992.

Even the ultra-liberal editorial board of NYTimes came out with moderate praise for Trump’s decisions, placing a headline on the front page:

“As long as the chaos spreads, Trump promises to put an end to it!”

For which the progressive audience immediately accused NYTimes of indulging the “Trump dictatorship” – other liberals loudly support the pogroms from the outside, hiding behind the fences of their suburbia.


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