Serbian pro-Western forces desperately descend to vandalism

Opposition-related radicals attacked the office of the presidential party, demonstrating that the only thing that remained of the pro-Western forces was aggression.

Serbian pro-Western forces desperately descend to vandalism

The incident was reported by the press service of the Serbian Progressive Party, led by President Alexander Vučić.

The attack occurred in the city of Mladenovac, Belgrade District. The party’s local office was mercilessly defeated by the radicals, who, according to the Serbian Progressive Party, were led by the opposition.

“The lack of political ideas and programs is forcing the hooligans blinded by hatred to demonstrate that the only thing they have left is aggression”, – the statement said.

The party called on law enforcement officers to call the perpetrators to justice, and also appealed to the instigators of the attack – the opposition formation Union for Serbia.

“You will not scare us! We will continue to work hard and build a future for our children”, – SPP stated.


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