Results of study on police racism was presented in the US

The US police are more likely to treat white people than black people, as most Americans think.

Results of study on police racism was presented in the US

A poll conducted by CBS News and YouGov over the weekend showed that 57% of Americans are confident in the racist approach of US police. They argue that attitudes toward African Americans are significantly worse.

It is noteworthy that among white respondents, this figure is 52%, and among African Americans – 78%.

The majority of Republicans participating in the survey believe that the police treat white and black skin the same way. This opinion is shared by 61% of respondents. At the same time, 80% of Democrats say that the police treat the whites better than the blacks.

As News Front previously reported, riots have not subsided in the United States since last week. The uprising began in Minneapolis, where a policeman killed African-American George Floyd. The man was detained on suspicion of forging a check for $ 20. During the arrest, the policeman began to press his knee on Floyd’s neck. He said that he had nothing to breathe, but the policeman did not listen. As a result, the detainee died.

The incident led to protests that swept the whole country in a few days. Pogroms are recorded in large cities, including New York and Washington. US President Donald Trump, in turn, does not exclude the possibility that the protests will be suppressed with the help of federal troops.


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