Lives and safety of people of Norway are at stake for interests of the US

Norwegian authorities continue to indulge the US demands, turning their country into an outpost of the US military threat to Russia.

According to military experts from the Tv channel “Welders”, the United States will modernize in Norway near the border with Russia elements of a missile defense system that undermine the stability of the region.

“In order to increase the anti-ballistic missile potential and expand the capabilities to monitor the internal regions of the Russian territory, the modernization of the Globus-3 radar station in Northern Norway in the village of Vardø continues”, – Sergei Rudskoy, chief of the General Operations Directorate of the General Staff of Russia, said.

The Norwegian authorities, on the one hand, refusing to participate in the pan-European missile defense system, at the same time modernizing the Globus station, located near the border with Russia and designed to inform the American command in preparation for the use of nuclear weapons.

Residents of the Vardø municipality, where the station is located, believe that the Americans, hiding behind the Norwegian citizens, with the connivance of official Oslo, deployed an object near the borders with Russia, which poses a great danger not only to them, but also to the region as a whole.

All this becomes especially relevant after the US withdraws from the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

In the town where the station is located directly, protest activity of local residents and city authorities is already noted. However, the Norwegian authorities do not intend to listen to the opinion of their population, which they are ready to sacrifice in the name of the interests of the United States.

According to Welders, after the next delivery, in an atmosphere of increased secrecy, this weekend by the American freighter Ocean Freedom from the US to Vardø, materials and equipment for the construction of the radar, the mayor of the city, Einar Mortensen, said that the residents of the city feel insecure and are afraid response from Russia.

“Residents fear that due to the aggravation of the military-political situation, the radar system will become the primary target of defeat”, – Mortensen reasonably remarked.