US Congress imposes sanctions on US companies

A number of international projects in which American companies have invested will soon be outlawed, despite the expended resources and negative consequences for the economy.

US Congress imposes sanctions on US companies

This is reported on Monday, June 1, by Reuters, citing a document that was in the possession of the publisher.

This is a legislative act that will prohibit Americans from financing projects of foreign companies that are associated with the Chinese armed forces.

The authors of the initiative were representatives of the Republican Party. Officially, the document should be published in the coming days. He will oblige finance minister Stephen Mnuchin to submit to Congress a list of foreign military companies that have “substantial contracts, communications, or support” with China. 6 months after the publication of the report, they will prohibit any cooperation with American companies and citizens.

The expert community is skeptical of this practice, because under the pretext of anti-Chinese sanctions, restrictions are actually imposed against American companies. Now they will have to give up any international cooperation if the foreign partner is connected with the Chinese government.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time the American administration has acted. The notorious act “On protecting American security from Kremlin aggression” had the same effect. In order to “punish” Russia for “interfering” in the US elections, American companies forced them to refuse to participate in any international projects involving Russian business.


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