Daughter of prominent democrat participated in pogroms – the way revolution is going on in the US

Dozens of American cities were in turmoil provoked by police brutality. National Guard units deployed in 15 states, and even in Washington.

Daughter of prominent democrat participated in pogroms - the way revolution is going on in the US

As News Front previously reported, riots began in Minneapolis, where a policeman killed African-American George Floyd. He was detained on suspicion of forging a check for $20. During the arrest, the policeman began to press his knee on Floyd’s neck. He said that he had nothing to breathe, but the policeman did not listen. As a result, the detainee died.

To date, curfew has been imposed in 40 cities, including the American capital. Previously, such measures were taken in 1968, when Martin Luther King, Jr., a champion of black rights, was killed.

According to Reuters, in Washington, demonstrators fired fire right at the White House. The police attacked the demonstrators, dispersing them with tear gas. At the same time, US President Donald Trump, according to CNN sources, preferred to sit out the protests in the bunker. Secret Service agents took him to the White House shelter when demonstrators surrounded the residence. There, Donald Trump sat for about an hour.

Violent riots were recorded in Boston, where peaceful protests ended with police bombarding and setting fire to the police.

In New York, 30 security forces were injured during clashes, police arrested about 350 people. Among the detainees was the 25-year-old daughter of the mayor of the city of Bill de Blasio, a democrat and a well-known liberal. Reuters sources in the NYPD said the girl was soon released.

Against this background, Bill de Blasio assures that authorities are investigating police arbitrariness recorded in numerous videos from the scene. In particular, we are talking about a video that shows how a police car crashes into a crowd of protesters in Brooklyn.

A similar incident was recorded in Minneapolis, which began the protests. There, on a blocked highway due to protests, a tanker rammed a crowd. After that, the furious demonstrators pulled out of the driver’s cab and beat him. Then the man was arrested by the police. According to media reports, the incident cost no casualties among the demonstrators.


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