China promised a decisive rebuff to US actions that undermine its interests

China is set to cooperate with the United States, but will give a decisive answer to any actions that undermine the interests of China’s development, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang said on Monday.

Earlier, the US President Donald Trump said that Washington intends to review relations with Hong Kong, including autonomy benefits, as well as threatening to impose sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials, who, in their opinion, undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong.

“China is committed to cooperating with the United States to develop bilateral relations characterized by non-confrontation and mutual benefit, but at the same time, China will decisively protect its security, sovereignty and security interests. Any actions and statements of the United States that undermine China’s development interests will be met with decisive countermeasures”, – Zhao Lijian said at a briefing, commenting on Trump’s words.

He stressed that the United States will never be able to restrain the development of China.

“The gross interference of the American side in this issue (it is told about Hong Kong – ed.) is contrary to international law and the fundamental principles of international relations and therefore doomed to failure”, –  the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry added.

The dissatisfaction of Hong Kong’s anti-government forces and a number of Western officials was strongly motivated by the adoption by the All-China People’s Congress (NPC – the main legislative body of the People’s Republic of China – ed.) of the “Decision to create and improve the legal system and enforcement mechanisms to ensure national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”.

A bill designed specifically for Hong Kong will include a ban on subversive and separatist activities. It implies a ban on all forms of incitement aimed at overthrowing the central government, as well as terrorism and outside interference.