American police building was fired in Auckland

The police administration building in the American city of Auckland, California, was shelled on the night of Sunday to Monday, three people were detained in connection with the shooting, the city police department said.

American police building was fired in Auckland

Earlier on Saturday, as a result of firing in Auckland, one US Federal Security Service officer was killed and another injured.

“At 12:09 AM, shots were fired at the Oakland Police Administration Building located at 455-7th Street. No injuries reported. Officers have detained 3 individuals in connection with this shooting in the 1900 block of San Pablo Avenue”, – the department said on Twitter.

Riots broke out in Minneapolis and several other US cities after the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of the police. Videos appeared on the Internet that showed that the police handcuffed Floyd, knocked him down and fell on him three, one of them stepping on his neck with his knee. Floyd on the video several times says that he can’t breathe, then calms down. He died in intensive care. After the riots started, four policemen were fired, and one of them was accused of negligence.


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