The command of the Armed Forces in the Donbass continues to conceal non-combat losses

The LPR People’s Police reported that over the past week, the loss of Kiev militants amounted to 39 people.

“During the period from May 25 to May 31, the number of casualties of the Armed Forces personnel amounted to 39 people, including 19 dead and 20 wounded,” said Yakov Osadchy, an official representative of the LPR People’s People’s Republic.

In addition, he emphasized that the OOS command continues to conceal losses.

The commander of the operational-tactical group “North” Petro Romigailo said that there were no non-combat losses over the past week, while pointing to the presence of two dead and five wounded servicemen as a result of the response of the LPR People’s Police units to suppress APU fire activity.

In fact, during the week non-combat losses of the Armed Forces amounted to 7 dead and 17 wounded.