The US command showed why they promoted anti-Russian fake

Falsified accusations against Russia will be used to expand the US military presence in North Africa.

The US command showed why they promoted anti-Russian fake

This decision was made in the African command of the US Armed Forces after theyalso made accusations against the Russian Federation there. The U.S. military claimed that Russia allegedly transferred aircraft to Libya to support the Libyan National Army, Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Information has already been denied at the official level in Moscow. The representative of the LPR, who called “strange” the fact that the United States is trying to blame Russia when Turkey expands in Libya, commented on the situation.

However, this did not prevent the United States, on a far-fetched anti-Russian pretext, from announcing plans to deploy one of its brigades in Tunisia, which borders Libya. At the same time, the African command once again accused Russia of “fanning the flames of the Libyan conflict.”

“We are looking for new ways to solve mutual security problems with Tunisia, including the use of our security forces assistance team,” the US Armed Forces said.


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