Kedmi: Russia’s response to sanctions should be painful for the enemy

An Israeli expert explained what the true reason for anti-Russian sanctions is.

Kedmi: Russia's response to sanctions should be painful for the enemy

Israeli military expert Jacob Kedmi said the United States is trying to put pressure on Russia through sanctions because it fears an armed conflict with Russia. Kedmi believes that all of Moscow’s retaliatory actions should be painful so that the adversary “is not good” to behave unfriendly.

“An anti-Russian coup in a neighboring country was carried out under our nose, provoked military operations near our borders. And while we allow ourselves to be treated like this, there will be sanctions, attacks, and everything else. If we do not react to hostile actions so that the opponent “was excruciatingly painful,” everything will continue further, ” Kedmi said.

The expert urged Moscow not to leave unanswered Western attacks on Russia. According to Kedmi, in the economic and political war there is no room for discussion or reasoning.

“If unfriendly steps are taken against the country, it makes no difference whether they are doing it joyfully or reluctantly. We need to respond to them, and with all the rigidity, ” said the military expert.


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